New battery generation

About K-plus

K-ion battery advantages


Cheaper than Li-ion in 2 times

Service life

Longer lifetime than lead-acid battery in 3 times


Safe use


Any design and forms

road map

our products

We can produce 3 forms

Pouch cell

Cell in a solid shell

Cylindrical cell

Our team

Polina Morozova


Lomonosov MSU, Skoltech, visiting researcher in MIT, KIT, RF Presidential fellow and LG Chem fellow

Philipp Napolsky


Lomonosov MSU, fellow EIFFEL,  Presidential fellow for international education, LG Chem fellow

Yana Batkova

Synthesis Engineer

D. Mendeleev University, MUCTR

about us in the media

February 2023

Polina Morozova: There is a liquid electrolyte inside the batteries…

If we throw away the battery, over time it leaks out and pollutes the soil

January 2023

Polina Morozova, the K-plus project. Finalist of the competition

The product is a technology for creating components and assembling cells of a potassium-ion battery.

August 2022

The Russian battery does not have enough voltage

Russia can achieve technological sovereignty in the development and production of new types of batteries

November 2022

Polina Morozova. Batteries

We have developed a prototype of batteries that allows you to store electricity cheaply and reliably

February 2022

10 promising AltEnergy startups with Russian roots

K-Plus is developing a technology for the production of potassium-ion batteries…

June 2022

Meeting with young entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists

The President met with young entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists participating in the SPIEF.

June 2022

Natalia Katorova and Polina Morozova

Graduate students of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and the founders of the startup «K-Plus», which reached the final of the EnergyHUB startup competition.

March 2021

Scientists from Skolkovo have patented an anode for promising potassium ion batteries

Everything is going to the fact that soon there will not be enough lithium reserves on Earth…